I’m Vivek Vijayan, an Observer.

“Life is a tale, told by an idiot,” said an idiot who is synonymous with the term”literature,” the great William Shakespeare. My story is no different from any other. It begins in a town, Kottakkal. The clock struck 10:50 in the morning of January 4th, 1986 and the world struck an appointment with me. My only connection with literature up until the age of 18 was the Amar Chitra Katha edition of the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, the first five editions of Harry Potter, and the stories I heard from my Mum and Granny, apart from the odd writing competitions I participated and bit the dust in. In June 2004, I received a gift; The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and the embers of the dream of becoming an author that the Harry Potter series instilled in me caught fire. The book kicked open the doors to the world of thrillers, where I still dwell! The journey to the fruition of the dream started in 2012 when the renowned filmmaker Jayaraj urged me to write a story. What began as a script for a movie culminated into my debut novel; I LIE IN WAIT. I was blessed to learn astrology under the tutelage of his maternal grandfather; KG Warrier, a former teacher of English at the Sainik School, Amaravati Nagar. I later learnt Veda and Upanishad from the erudite scholar Kottakkal Narayanan. I reside at Kottakkal. My second book As Memory Unfolds is my homage to my paternal grandfather Dr PK Warrier.

Life is a tale, told by an idiot

– William Shakespeare

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