Be Creative

“I and not a creative person.” The one statement that is false in every sense because our mind cannot exist without being creative. It constantly churns up scenarios that even Christopher Nolan will find mind boggling. Hard to believe? I will prove it to you. Cutting across the languages, the “If” clause is a guaranteed usage. “If I had a million, my life would have been different.” How would you know that for sure? It is just a possibility, is it not? Yet, we visualise a life that is different from the current one. What is it that guides the visuals? Voila! Creativity! What did we do? Look at the aforementioned quote. “If I had…” All we did was add the “if” clause and lo! Creativity is born. But the addition of the “if” clause is the result of a question that arises deep in our minds. It begins thus: “What if…”

“What if I had a car?” “What if I had an iPhone?” “What if I had Deepika Padukone for a wife?” The possibilities are endless.

Imagine a girl and a boy who met at a cafe. Suddenly she slapped him. Why?

The clichés are molesting, lover’s quarrel and so on. Go beyond them and ask “What if she disliked his shirt?” “What if she disliked his handsomeness?” and we get a plot for a psycho girl. It’s as simple as that!