Reflections of Life – #1

All I witness are verbose accounts on simple things. Therefore I thought why not kick off a series on my birthday that will “Reflections of Life” Which is the name of the series as well.

The topic for today is Forgiveness. Countless argue that it’s hard to forgive. I beg to differ. If we know the means, then it’s as simple as deleting an unwanted file from our system. Ask the following three questions and start forgiving.

Question number 1

Do I love myself?

Question number 2

By nurturing the dislike or hate, am I the affected one or is it the recipient?

Question number 3

By forgiving her/him, am I not doing myself the favour?

Mind you, this is a process and not one time serves all. We don’t have to sacrifice our routine. Before going to bed, sit in an erect position and observe the breath. Ask these questions in the given order, visualise your favourite place in the world with just the two of you in it and say “I forgive you.

Practise it with love and experience the elixir of life.

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